Our commitment is to create a meeting place for people who identify with the MADINTOUCH ethics, transparency and benevolence that characterise - without defining them - love, friendship and free relationships. We explained this in the welcome e-mail that was sent to you and to which we recall the principles through this charter. The absence of consensual discussions and/or benevolent encounters is equivalent to the non-respect of the clauses of this charter. The consequence could be exclusion from the site and reporting.


Creating an inclusive and safe environment is first and foremost an individual voluntary process. This implies that your profile must be filled in - in French - and have a photo of you in a private or public album before you can access the site. By doing so, you accept a possible request for verification by our moderation team.

To be clear: This space is not a place for adultery or for sexual purposes only. If this seems incompatible with your expectations, with all our benevolence, we wish you to find a space that suits you better. In the MADINTOUCH dating ethic, consensual relationships therefore presuppose that infidelity has no place in extra-love relationships.

If you agree with the principles and our rules of operation then welcome!


Your profile :

In the greatest respect of others, it seems to us more appreciable to avoid offensive or discriminating language, therefore no incitements or proposals contrary to the law. You are free to express yourself according to your expectations, your needs, your refusals, or anything else you feel necessary to say before being contacted. This includes reciprocity in reading and respecting visitor profiles.

We are in favour of visibility and it is an editorial choice to offer each person an interactive space for personal expression. Each person is unique, and as such, expresses themselves freely and individually on their own profile.

If you prefer to meet "in couple" you can indicate it in your respective profiles by mentioning, for example, the nickname of your partners concerned or you can create directly a file envisaged for this purpose.

Nb: Be careful with the choice of nickname. We spare you the pearls we have seen... and refused.


Your photos:

It would be a shame to post a photo without talking about yourself. Your profile must be at least completed before you can post photos.

Your profile albums ideally include at least one photo of you. Your public profile picture may be of something else and not another person. If more than one person, of legal age only, is in a photo, it is in a private album only. Each person has a unique relationship to nudity and therefore we suggest keeping such photos for private correspondence, on a mutually agreed basis. The photos belong to you or you have the explicit permission of a third party if they appear in them as defined by law.

Adding a photo or changing the status of a photo to private or public - a function available by browsing your photo gallery - will be validated by the moderation, which reserves the right to refuse a public photo but allow it in a private album or refuse it by deleting it. Our benevolence is attentive ;-). Videos, exclusively public, are also validated by the moderation and limited to 20 Mb.


Your exchanges :

In a spirit of well-being towards this community, it seems more pleasant that the exchanges remain respectful and attentive to the needs or refusals expressed. This also implies knowing how to say no to a discussion or meeting proposal. The reasons for this refusal are personal, so it seems appropriate to accept it in all benevolence, which reflects an appreciable mutual respect.


What if it gets out of hand?

Private exchanges are, as their name indicates, private. In this sense, we are deprived of readability and therefore of moderation. You are free to block a person for your own reasons and free to report a profile if you feel that a behaviour is inappropriate or if you have a justified doubt. We will check and take action if necessary.

We may, on our own initiative or after a report, check the validity of the information in a profile and/or temporarily suspend it.


- The three-warning rule will not always apply, sometimes it is more direct.

- It is right to avoid blocking a profile that says "I am a modo".



Our role is to inform about the framework of this site.

The .com of the site indicates that we depend on international legislation. The editor of the site is legally responsible if he has knowledge of facts contrary to the law and must take the necessary measures.

Links to information on consent under French law, cyber-stalking (Penal Code: article 222-33-2-2 ) and many others will be available at the top of the list in the resources section.

Turning your fingers seven times on your keyboard is a proof of good manners.


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